Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 1:

Today was my first day working for Wise Oceans at the Four Seasons resort Seychelles and I could not be more excited.
It has been an interesting day getting to know the resort, and seeing how things are run, but also getting to see different peoples perception of marine conservation, and their views on having a permanent marine educator on site. 

It is clear to see that the position is needed, and could not come at a better time with the summer holidays coming up and more guests arriving. The recreation staff are enthusiastic about the guided snorkels and appreciate that there is another member of staff who knows about the reef and the species present on it. 

I suppose that I will be told about numerous 'yellow fish', but I am hoping that by increasing the amount of identification books available we will be able to get the guests to identify the fish that they see and get more excited about the reef.

From personal experience I have found that by knowing more about the fish, and using key identification features, that it makes snorkels and dives a lot more interesting as you can identify fish as you see them.

On my arrival at the Four Seasons the staff were awaiting my arrival, and throughout the day I have began to feel more at home. I am really appreciative towards the effort that has been made to make me feel welcome!

I've found myself with an amazing opportunity ahead of me, and will hopefully be able to work more within Wise Oceans to show that education is an important resource to provide "Wise Ways for and Ocean Caring Community".

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