Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 14

So I have been the Resident Marine Educator for two weeks now, and can say that I am settling in well! The resort has been advertising my position and there has been a good amount of interest in guided snorkels, which gives me hope that the guests want to know more about the reef and marine conservation. 

I am starting to learn the house reef, and remember where cryptic marine life can be found, so should be able to create some sort of map and snorkel trail in the future!

Bumphead Parrotfish, Emperor Angelfish

This week on the reef we have had a Bumphead Parrotfish, which we are hoping will hang around for a while longer! It seems to have been bashed around a bit looking at the markings on it's side.

It has been funny to see the reactions so the marine life, with guests asking me why the fish are coming so close (previous snorkelers used to feed the fish bread and now they associate humans with food), and whether you can get cancer from standing on a stone fish (no). 

Semicircle Angelfish
We have also had lionfish and lots of squid, as well as a banded snake eel which seems to be making his way around the reef.

Banded Snake Eel

I have also been lucky enough to join a dive leaving from the resort, which enabled me to see how my role as the Marine Educator would aid the diving experience. The dive was on Alice in Wonderland, which is one of the only coral-based reefs in the Seychelles, the other dive sites are situated on the granite underwater landscape.

Alice in Wonderland is a truly beautiful dive not only because of the incredible amount of fish present, but also because of the amount of corals.

I hope to be able to get on a few more dives in the next few weeks. Not only to familiarize myself with the reefs in the area, but also because I hope to enhance the guests diving experience.
Scissor-tail Sergeant

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