Monday, 11 June 2012

What I'm going to do..

So, the title of the job is 'Marine Educator', which is something that I've always thought about doing, but have never found a way of getting into. The position is based at the Four Seasons Mahe after a similar project was carried out in the Maldives set up by Wise Oceans.

The job involves a "who's who on the coral reef" briefing and snorkeling with the guests and doing activities with the kids club 'Kids for All Seasons'. I will also be giving evening talks on topics such as Re-think the Shark, and marine conservation.

I'd also like to try and involve some information on Plastic Oceans, an organization raising awareness about plastics pollution in the oceans. I first became aware of this through David Jones at my local dive centre, Triton Scuba, who then came to present a lecture for one of my university modules. Plastic Oceans is a developing project with a film being released in the near future. It's very exciting stuff, helping to educate and provide a resource base for study and research as well as campaigning for improvements in legislation and policy, raising funds for the development of solutions and creating a large social media network.

I will also have the opportunity to get involved in some research projects such as tracking and identifying whale sharks and manta rays, as well as coral watch, reef check and a coral propagation project.

As the job progresses I am hoping to help out more with Wise Oceans, raising awareness for marine conservation and education in local schools. This has become an ongoing project with Save Our Seas and Abbie Hine, who has developed a relationship with the schools in the Seychelles, increasing the knowledge and understanding of the marine creatures, ecosystems and marine conservation.

So all in all I am very excited to start. It's only been a short time since I accepted the position and I will be leaving the UK at the end of the week. I hope to use this blog to document what I get up to and will try to upload photos when I can!

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